Our Trip to Glacier National Park

This wasn’t on our bucket list (because we don’t have one), but should be (because we should have one). A truly amazing journey to Glacier National Park outfitted for various needs by GNOREI and Apgar!

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scott sappenfield

scott sappenfield

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Dry Skin Is A Serious Issue

I’m not really sure how else to put this, but fair warning my blogger friends, dry skin is a serious issue.

You’ve been warned.


I should have used Dove

Is It Just Dads That Do Dumb Stuff?

Or do moms do it too?

I stumbled across this photo snap someone took of me and my boy a while back. I was so glad to come across it because I immediately grinned ear to ear remembering how much fun we had together that day.  I hope we both remember this when we’re older.  We went camping and brought the tent bag, but forgot to put the tent inside.  We had the sleeping bags and poles, but no tent!  Great start!  But we shot fireworks (one bottle rocket went astray and almost landed in the grill of my wife’s SUV – fire/explosion hazard), roasted smores, went tubing down a creek nearby and thrashed around on some 4-wheelers and motorcycles.

Then, only today as I reflected on that fun time and this particular picture,  it occurred to me.  Was that really stupid of me to take him on the motorcycle like that?

No helmet, no protective clothing, wearing CROCS of all things.  We repeatedly sped down a slippery gravel trail and almost laid it down once.  I barely fit on the bike and had the suspension all the way to the floor because of my weight.  And for some reason I thought this was smart?  He could have been really hurt, but at the time, that didn’t even occur to me.  I sort of feel like a bad dad right now.  I mean, we had a blast, but in hindsight it doesn’t seem like a very smart idea.  And then to top it off, I did the same thing with my daughter.  Then rinsed and repeated again with them both for good measure.

As a child, I didn’t wear any protective clothing, helmets or whatever, maybe that’s where I get it from.  Maybe we’re over protective these days and that’s why I’m having these thoughts.  Who knows. Anyhow, I think what I’d like to do next is build a tree house with a zip line.  So when you leave the tree house, you simply zip line out.  Then, to exit the zip line, you simply let go and drop down about 10 feet or so onto a trampoline and bounce into something else, preferably something soft like a stack of leaves.  Helmets not allowed because the zip line will be long and fast and you will want to experience the wind in your hair.

Seems easy enough.  Good times.