Our Trip to Glacier National Park

This wasn’t on our bucket list (because we don’t have one), but should be (because we should have one). A truly amazing journey to Glacier National Park outfitted for various needs by GNOREI and Apgar!

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scott sappenfield

scott sappenfield

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Painted Trillium

On our last excursion to the beautiful city of Asheville, we stumbled across several wild patches of painted trilliums.

This one was laying near the path, maybe someone had plucked it earlier. Anyhow, a local informed us that they are pretty rare to see in abundance like this, but apparently our timing was just right.  You flower buffs out there would know better than I, but still, pretty neat.


While I’m at it, here are some other fun snaps from the area.

Kiddos playing in the trees like monkeys. Tree climbing is fun no matter the age.

Kiddos playing in the trees like monkeys. Tree climbing is fun no matter the age.

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Climbers In The Family

It makes me so happy to have 2 little climbers in the family. Actually, I have 3, my wife likes to climb too.

I don’t know what it is about kids, but they just don’t have any fear.  We were in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area so we took them both up to the Triangle Rock Club and they had a blast. Apparently the club is about to undertake a massive renovation adding on a new wing with 50′ walls.  That’d be awesome.


Circled in orange is the crux of the climb. Tougher than it looks for new climbers, their little fingers were hanging on for dear life. She even barn-doored once and still hung on. My little 6 year old made through the overhang and all the way to the top too. So proud. I think they like the auto-belays more than me doing it, not surprising for kids. They just get to swing out, like it’s a big jungle gym.