My Life

I’m married to a wonderful woman who keeps us all in line.  I also have two terrific kids, a girl and a boy.  They are all the absolute center of my life.

scott and valerie sappenfieldWhere I’m at currently:  Charlotte, NC

Clemson vs. USC:  For the record, orange runs through my veins.

Known for:  Some mean cinnamon toast

Pursuits:  I like to humiliate myself for the entertainment benefit of my children (while they are still young enough to care and think it’s funny).  That’s my favorite pursuit.  Some others:

scott and valerie sappenfieldClimbing – I’ve been lucky enough to go on a guided climb from REI trip at the Looking Glass in North Carolina, something I did with a couple of friends of mine from work.  I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a great adventure.  Serious climbers will frown on it as ho hum, but that’s all I’ve had time for so I’ll take it.  Bouldering and indoor wall climbing are two of my other favorites.  When in Charlotte (my previous stomping grounds), you can find me at the USNWC or Inner Peaks.

Golf – Another one of these pursuits where being averagely good at just about any sport pays off.  I have been going about 6 months in between rounds, but I can still pull out low 90’s.  Love playing just about anywhere though.

Biking – No road biking here although it does look like incredible exercise.  I’m afraid I’ll get run over.  I’ve seen some near misses, not the Eros kind.  Anyhow, love to get out on the trail.

If it’s a sport or activity that requires some kind of physical activity, you can pretty much count me in.  Even Golden Tee required a lot of wrist action, but most don’t even know what that is anymore.  That’s sad.

sappenfield team

before the pain

after the pain

after the pain

That’s about it, I’m very simple (just read this page again) and that’s hopefully the way it will stay (just hopefully).