Our Trip to Glacier National Park

This wasn’t on our bucket list (because we don’t have one), but should be (because we should have one). A truly amazing journey to Glacier National Park outfitted for various needs by GNOREI and Apgar!

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scott sappenfield

scott sappenfield

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This Is Not A Christmas Tree

If this was someone trying to haul home their finest cut Christmas tree, that’d be one thing.

Unfortunately, it’s not December and that’s not a Christmas tree.

I really don’t know what to say other than “that sucks.” I know that’s not very intellectual of me, but sometimes that’s just what it is, sucks. I came out of my bootcamp class last night and had juuuuuuuust barely enough energy left to snap this photo. We had a freak 10 minute rainstorm with some heavy winds that snapped off this side of the tree right onto someone’s minivan.



A Letter Into The Abyss

Dear Weather Channel,

Please do not be upset that I took a screenshot of your severe weather alert video that automatically plays when you visit Winter Storm Nemo: Potential Historic Blizzard Looms.  I did it with the best of intentions, to help you out.  So if I may make a couple of observations and perhaps even a suggestion (it’s not that anyone will actually read this).

weather channel

this image is owned by weather.com, not me

The video comes on immediately, usually I prefer to have to hit Play or something, but that’s ok, that’s just my preference.  I know there’s an Auto Play setting I can change, that’s nice, but I’m not quick enough.  The video comes on pretty loud too, but that was due to my speakers turned up too loud.  My kids were like “whatttttt…is that”.  Those were the observations, obviously.

Now onto the suggestion.  When you temporarily leave the page, say to open up a new browser tab or something, the video keeps playing.  All that noise is in the background, you can hear it, but since you’re not currently on that page in your browser, you can’t see what’s going on.  That’s annoying.  When you click back over to that tab in your browser, you’ve missed everything so you have to back it up.  That’s annoying too.  I can see you are HTML5 compliant.  So if you would please, implement some new browser wiz bang features, like the page visibility api.  That way, the page is smart enough to know that you’re not actually looking it and the video will pause.

Click here and here for more on that…

With warm regards I remain, sincerely yours.