Shopping List Madness

Want to see what what was intended by Apple with iOS7’s new design? Check out my friend’s iPhone app that was released today. Stellar…beautiful colors, tasteful and appropriate animation, simple and easy to use, intuitive, but also has cool new AirDrop, AirPrint and other sharing features.

Many props to Eric, nice job…had to shout it out. It’s in the AppStore right now, download it and give it a run. He’ll appreciate your support and feedback.

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What is Jotalicious? (from the press kit)

Jotalicious is a beautifully-designed shopping assistant that turns plain text lists into color-coded checklists of awesome.

It works the way a shopping assistant on your phone should – you create lists just like you are jotting a note to yourself and Jotalicious organizes your lists into sortable, taggable checklists. When Jotalicious finds the name of a place next to an item in your list – for example, “Fresh Herbs @Farmers Market” – it automatically tags and adds the item to a virtual shopping list for that place too.

If typing is just too old school for you, use your device’s voice dictation feature to speak your lists into Jotalicious – say the phrase, “New Line” to separate each item on your list and Jotalicious does the rest.

It’s good to share, and with Jotalicious it’s even better. Jotalicious is on the spot with AirDrop, AirPrint, text message, and email sharing support. You can send text copies of your lists to anyone or you can share a “jot”, which can be imported, complete with tags, by other Jotalicious users. And all of those text lists people send you – or lists you find on your favorite blog or elsewhere – can be pasted into Jotalicious to create new lists effortlessly – just copy text and paste awesome!

Jotalicious is shopping list bliss – after you dictate, paste, or jot your first list, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.


Apple Just Emailed Me

It wasn’t to offer me a job or anything, but it was to tell me that Proppitup is available in the AppStore.

I shall celebrate by going to bed soon (because I’m tired). I’m crazy exciting!! :>


Opened Up The Carolinian

Very exciting for a free and relatively unknown app (you know, it’s not Twitter or FB)!

My wife opened up the new issue of the Carolinian and on Page 6 was us. Article below.