Beth Is Upon You!

You read that correct, Beth, not Death.

Be afraid, be very, very afraid. I knew this photo would scare you.

For the record, when his big sister pointed out the mistake, he was quick to respond saying those were two letter D’s he drew on top of each other. Nice come back!



Killer Boots Man

I know that doesn’t really make sense for a post title, but not really sure what to say.

I guess all I can say is I won’t be mad (see text I received from my wife today).

It’s just electronics after all, but it does impact my Netflix in a negative way.


A Picture Says It All

Sometimes a picture says it all. But in other cases (like this), sometimes the picture has all the words already and that helps.

You can place a bid too, just use real money, not that fake monopoly money I keep getting.