One Reason It Is Great To Be Married

One of my favorite posts was “Two Reasons It’s Good To Be A Guy“.

I had so much fun with your comments.

Well, in this case, I am sharing one reason it’s great to be married. Emergencies happen and when you’re flying solo, you don’t always have someone you can count on in a pinch. But being married is different. When emergencies happen, you have someone that can save the day. As was the case here, there was a major crisis in the house. Right smack in the middle of hair drying, the hair dryer exploded. I mean come on people!! Right in the middle?!! Do these manufacturers even know or care to know how inconvenient that is? They should really build these things to burn out/explode at the end of a hair drying session, not in the middle. Clearly, that’s the solution.

Anyhow, I found out quickly that a girl can’t have partially wet hair. So, to save the day, I got sent immediately to Walgreens to buy cool stuff…like this hair dyer! It reminded me of all the other times I got to go to Walgreens and buy cool stuff. That my friends is one reason it’s great to be married. I would otherwise never get to experience the thrill of searching through aisles and aisles of non-manly stuff and pulling my hair out with all the different styles/models of whatever it is, in this case hair dryers.

First photo: Conair 1875 magically catches fire and burns through the cord. Nice smell in the bathroom. Fortunately, no injuries.





Second photo: This is what I picked up, the “next evolution” in hair dryer technology. I stayed away from Conair. Instead, I picked up a Revlon. But I got the 50% quieter model. Awesome. That one feature makes this a trip well worth it.



Hand Towels Are For Display Only

That’s right and you’d think after 12 years of marriage, I’d know that by now.

This hand towel that I used to wipe off sweat and throw into the laundry was apparently not for my use. It’s the nice hand towel.



We just had a successful garage sale!

We didn’t really have that much to sell, but it was enough to generate some extra cash, some of which my daughter is holding up. We’re planning on donating it to a dear friend whose son has muscular dystrophy. They regularly raise money for this amazing cause and it’s a great thing for our kids to participate in!