A Lesson In Life

You know, I’ve said it before that some people don’t know what Golden Tee is…and how sad that is.

Not my kids. No sir.

They just got a lesson from a friend of ours who showed them how it’s done. My wife and I were equally impressed with her skills as were the kids. She clearly plays all the time.

Cool wife points

And let’s not even talk about how she probably gets 11 points out of 10 on the cool wife points scale. I mean, Golden Tee, come on.



Stimulating Challenge Of The Day

Go out to Google’s home page and play the Google Doodle.

See if you can land it in the water.

If you can, enjoy a Kit Kat or something rewarding for a job well done. You’re probably exhausted, it’s hard work on the finger.


Qua, say what?

In the capacity or character of

That’s what! Very nice. But I still don’t fully understand when it would be appropriate to use the word qua in conversation (and not sound like a know it all). I did look up examples at one point or another, but didn’t care enough to put it to memory. I just know it’s a crazy Q word I can use in Scrabble any time I want because I know qua!!

And guess what “brooha” – I got this snippet below from a Men’s Health magazine. Watch out, I’m going to run the table next time.