Are These Good Or Bad For You?

Someone at work had a box and I got to thinking…

I guess I’d have to say “good for you.” After all, there’s a nice lady on the front of the box.



Ummmmm, Jam, Good

That’s right…jam and goat cheese, a wonderful combination.

What’s weird is when I hear the word “jam”, all I can think of is that one episode of Friends where Joey showed us that just about anything goes good with jam.

In this case, it just takes a little of Sallie’s Greatest strawberry basil jam and some Trail Ridge goat cheese (we picked up both at the local market this past Saturday).

If you want any of this jam, contact my dear friend Anna Leary, she can give you the deets.


Love Thy Farmer! Yes, But…

…it’s more like “and also Love Thy Sallie’s Greatest Too!” Check out this lovely trio…all natural, you’ll thank yourself and be healthier for it!

And there’s a decent chance some of you may have seen it on Oprah’s Favorite Things, this same trio pack was one of her picks.  A close friend of my wife and I, @anna_leary, is giving everyone a 10% discount good through Father’s Day, June 16, 2013. Oh and in advance, I don’t get anything from this, I just wanted to see if I could pass any savings onto my dear readers for this amazing jam!

10% off – Sweet!

Just use promo code “Scott” for 10% off when buying some goodies from Sallie’s Greatest.  And while you’re at it, check out these other tasty recipes too! :>

sallie's greatest trio of jam

sallie’s greatest trio of jam

sallie's greatest

sallie’s greatest