It Is Wear Whatchalike On Daddy Weekend

This is proof there is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to leaving the kiddos with me on daddy weekend…sort of a follow up to my 2 reasons it’s good to be a guy post.

I told the kids that they can go upstairs, pick out whatever they want to wear and it’s all good.

The ensemble

He picked out black athletic pants, a black skeleton shirt and a dark grey skeleton hoodie.

She picked out some colorful cool socks, jeans and a rocking unicorn shirt. She loves unicorns and will probably start a unicorn non-profit foundation at some point in her life with the sole purpose of proving unicorns are real.

Not bad at all if I don’t say so myself.



Ahhh, The Great Outdoors

If you haven’t been camping in a while (or ever), you really need to give it a go soon, it’s so much fun.

Our kids ate schmoes (yeah, that’s how I say it) and danced around all night long whilst singing diarrhea songs of all things. But, my daughter said “this is the best night ever” so who cares if the songs were disgusting, the kids loved it.

lakeview lakeview2

New Year’s Resolutions – Ha!

Resolution, what’s that?

The word hadn’t even crossed my mind until last night until my wife mentioned it to me.

I guess we haven’t done so bad. But what in the world were we thinking creating such a long list (my wife put it together). I guess everyone has high aspirations at the start of the year.

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