Our Trip to Glacier National Park

This wasn’t on our bucket list (because we don’t have one), but should be (because we should have one). A truly amazing journey to Glacier National Park outfitted for various needs by GNOREI and Apgar!

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scott sappenfield

scott sappenfield

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You Better Recognize

Yeah, not proud to admit it, but I wrote about that particular phrase not too long ago.

If you read the post, you recall that blue Saturn sedan I referenced…the maniac driver.

Well, here it is, the blue Saturn, alive and well. I  saw him tailgating and driving aggressively yet again today. It’s crazy. I mean, he’s really lucky someone doesn’t lose it on him. He really ticked some people off today. In some weird way, I’m amazed he can drive so aggressively and get away with it. It’s truly amazing. You should see the look on people’s faces and the hand gestures when he passes them. Very entertaining for me because I don’t sweat it, but I do actually feel bad for the people that get enraged. They don’t realize it’s not personal, he drives like this every time I see him. He’s indifferent to who he ticks off, but unfortunately, most people take it personally (certainly understandable if you’ve been a victim of random aggressive driving).

This photo doesn’t do it justice, but I just couldn’t help taking a snap while stopped at the light.


If You Have Road Rage, Then Drive A Piece Of #@$*(

At first glance, this might seem a little strange to you.  What does road rage have to do with the type of car you are driving?  Everything, or perhaps at least something, let me explain.

Oh and if you read this post and implement what I’m suggesting, I think you’ll shave off about 10 points on the stress-o-meter (not sure if that is patented yet or not) and live a little longer. Oh and have less chance of type 2 diabetes too so that’s a bonus.

About The Rage (2 recent examples)

The guy with the Saturn

Here’s what I witness at least once a week. When I leave the office, there’s a guy who drives a bright blue Saturn sedan, one of those they don’t make any more sedans. And he sits really close to the steering wheel. So this guy drives, well, like a maniac. He’s cutting people off, switching lanes constantly and always tailgating really close. I can’t believe he hasn’t rear-ended someone lately. Maybe he has, but there’s no visible sign of damage to his front bumper. I can tell because again, he follows incredibly close. I wish I had a photo because if you’re that guy, please stop driving like a maniac. But the point is that in some weird way, I start cracking up when I see him coming (I never come up on that guy, he’s flying, you can’t keep up unless you drive a german car). Why am I laughing? Because he enrages people so often that it’s kind of “I can’t believe this happens every single time” kind of funny. He tailgates people so close and man do they get upset or what. I’m telling you people start waving their fists, honking their horn and the guy just isn’t phased. People really take it personally as if he’s specifically out to offend you. I don’t take it personally. In fact, he’s done it to me on two different occasions and I don’t go out of my way to block him or make it impossible to pass like some people do. I don’t flinch, it just doesn’t upset me. Why, I’ll explain later, but it’s such a fulfilling feeling to not have my blood pressure rise because of this idiot. I wasn’t always like that (read the It Used To Bother Me part of this post). Oh yeah, I think it’s also partly funny because of the bright blue Saturn. It’s just so ugly. I don’t know why anyone would ever buy that car, but someone did at one point or another, someone drove it off someone’s lot. I know it can only be 130 horsepower so seeing him fly around like that is insane. It sounds like a RC remote controlled car, wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…..wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…..wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….. as he accelerates.

The guy with the Ford F150

This morning, a dude in a big ol’ Ford F150 pulled out of his subdivision in front of me and was on his merry way. I noticed he was driving with some sense of urgency, but nothing really too bad. Just hitting the brakes a lot up, accelerating quickly, but again really not anything to blink at. Until he got to an intersection this morning. It was pretty much dead stop traffic, but this guy was determined to inch his way through everyone to get just one more spot up ahead of people. So he really cuts this one guy off in a white Chevy trailblazer. And man, this must have been the wrong guy. They start doing this dance with their SUVs. Brake, stop, brake, stop, kind of trying to piss one another off. Well, it worked. The guy pulled up beside him, rolled his windows down and they started yelling. And what do you know, a police officer happened to be there and they didn’t realize it and they both got pulled. I mean, I can’t imgagine how enraged they were only to have been pulled over by a officer. So now they have to be civil and play nice. What I mean by that is that this situation won’t end well for either of them if they don’t calm down quickly. I suspect the officer isn’t going to have any of that. I suspect they’re going to feel like 3 years old having had a tantrum. For some reason this whole situation made me laugh, certainly because nobody got hurt.

It Used To Bother Me

So I mentioned road rage doesn’t bother me, but that I wasn’t always like that. Some of has to do with age and maturity. I think the older we get, the more chill we get, on average. But I genuinely think a lot of it has to do with my car. Take the guy in the Saturn, I could care less if he runs into me. Sure it’d be a major inconvenience and headache because I’d have a busted car to deal with, but taken out of the equation is the love for my car. I used to own a BMW and I cherished it and would be devastated when something would happen to it, even minor. So the thought of a guy racing around in his Saturn slamming into my BMW would concern me. Not now. I drive such a piece of junk. Seriously, it’s a piece of junk. Gone from my mind is any kind of worry about “what if someone wrecks me car”. And more importantly, road rage doesn’t bother me any more because I don’t have a nice pretty car to stress about on the road. There’s some magical connection between driving a nice car and increased anxiety that you don’t want anything happening to it. And an irrational driver steps on that anxiety of yours. In my case, I don’t have it.

Speaking of the BMW, I’m not proud to admit this, but proof positive I wasn’t always like this, I had an incident in a parking garage where I actually yelled at this guy “you better recognize.” Who says that? I sounded like a complete idiot. But hey, he almost ran into my car and that really ticked me off. So naturally you’d yell “you better recognize” as that makes perfect sense. Now, with my current car, if he ran into me, I would actually be saying “wow, that sucks for you man”. Mine’s a piece of junk and you just smashed your Jag. Sucks for you dude.

About My Car

So here’s my car. Looks nice on the outside right? Yeah, it does actually. I’ve taken great care to continue to touch up all the various dings with Volvo’s specific midnight blue touch up paint or whatever it’s called.


But let’s take a closer look under the hood, so to speak. It’s a ’98 Volvo S70. I bought it used in 2003 for $15,000 in cash if I recall correctly. The electrical system is crap and always has been. I thought about detailing all the problems here, but that’s not really the point of the post. Just suffice to say I’m amazed it’s still running. I don’t really know how many miles are on it, but when I get oil changes, I tally up how many miles it’s been to get a rough estimate. I think it’s around 235,000 and I just provide that number to the technician doing the oil change. The odometer stopped working around 136,000 miles so that’s where it’s stuck.


The speedometer doesn’t work either. But I have an app for that. It’s called Speedometer or something like that. It’s a great app! Just stick it in the dash and you know how fast you’re going!


So my point is that my car is junk. Nobody likes riding in it and my wife certainly doesn’t like driving it. I did have a mechanic screw up the dash under the steering wheel so that it doesn’t hit you in the knees any more while you’re driving (the dash compartment with all the ignition wires fell down one day for unknown reasons). But getting around to buying a new or used car is a pain.

My Plan

But the beauty of all this is to say that because I drive such a piece of junk, I have absolutely no stress on the road!! When road rage happens, I don’t care!! Because the poor soul that would ever run into me would likely have a car that is worth considerably more than mine and there’s something stress reducing about that. So here it is, my plan to lower your stress level and reduce your chance of type 2 diabetes.

Action Plan:

1. Sell whatever you are currently driving and buy a piece of junk. Sorry, mine isn’t for sale. KBB indicates my car is worth $1,203, but somehow I doubt that much. It does run however, so that’s gotta be worth a grand. None of the door locks or power seats work, but they are leather, so that might tack on a hundred. Anyhow, I just  can’t sell it to someone in good faith. I’m going to have to donate it or scrap it perhaps. It’s just such a piece of junk.

That’s it. That’s the action plan!

You’re most welcome and good luck!