The Corn Dog, One of Man’s Truly Great Inventions

One of man’s truly great inventions has to be the corn dog.

corn dog

I mean come on, look at the sheer joy on her face!

According to Wikipedia, corn dog is two words, not one.  I grew up thinking it was one word, but now when I smash the words together it looks ridiculous.  And here’s how Wikipedia defines the corn dog:  A corn dog is a hot dog sausage coated in a thick layer of cornmeal batter and deep fried in oil, although some are baked. Almost all corn dogs are served on a wooden stick, though some early versions had no stick.

A corn dog without a stick?  That’s a criminal offense slightly worse than thinking corn dog was one word.

Now in today’s healthy food frenzy world, I realize that a corn dog is a terrible thing.  You could make the breading from whole wheat and not use a real hot dog, but would it taste as good?  If you get a lot of bad looks from the healthy food folks, you can always stick to something else or you can do like I do and say who cares, a third reason it’s good to be a guy.

Maybe ice cream is a good substitute?  They both seem happy here too!

ice cream

Ice cream seems to please too!

P.s.   I don’t intend to offend as I understand there is a dispute on the actual inventor of the corn dog, so perhaps this is woman’s greatest invention.



Slovakia Tuna Tacos Tasted Like Tears Of 1,000 Flamingos

I am so hoping you can see this picture, just click on it if you need to zoom in!  It’s freaking hilarious, well, we think so at least.  A good laugh that pains your side is always in order!

I will tell you though I am saddened to learn that my wife can’t seem to be away from her Heinz 57 sauce for more than 5.37 hours.  Darn!  What have I done?

And I can tell you I honestly have no idea what single-estate beer is, much less that of what comes from Namibia. madlib

Adult mad libs are so much more fun than kids.  When the kids have us play along, it’s always, ok, tell me a single noun, another single noun, a verb, an adjective, a verb, a non, a plural noun, you know, the same old thing.  And while that’s great, it is definitely tame and all the words are easily digestable.

But in the adult version, like this one from the March issue of Food And Wine, you get to ask things like tell me the name of a medical device.  And that leads to chairs made of reclaimed colostomy bags.

So I share this with you in the hopes you will know how hard we were laughing sitting at the table after my wife filled this in and that you will possibly laugh just as much.  Good times!

Now That’s A Cookie

It’s not an unidentified flying object, although the tin sheet kind of makes me want to throw it off a tall building to see if it’ll fly.  No, this is a cookie.

That's not a cookie.  This is a cookie!

That’s not a cookie. This is a cookie!

Ok, these are cookies too, I’ll give you that, but they are nothing compared to their big sister above.

These are cookies sure, but not like the one above!

These are cookies sure, but not like the one above!

Now, the real kicker here?  All of these are really healthy cookies.  I know, I know, no cookie is healthy.  But if there were such a thing, these would be it.  I believe my wife said she got the whole wheat cookie cake recipe from our dear friends at 100daysofrealfood.

So to Lisa, Jason and the rest of the crew, thank you!