Do It Yourself – Create a Free Blog

So you want to know how to create a free blog like this one.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to look as plain as mine does.  We’ll get to the fancy stuff shortly (called Themes).  First things first.

You want something totally free.  And when I say totally free, I mean completely free, 100% free.  You don’t need hardware, software or anything else.  All you really need is a computer and an Internet connection.  You also want a platform that you can do these kinds of things with:

  • Create any number of individual web pages to add your own custom content
  • Use images and other stuff on your pages
  • Allow people to subscribe to your site posts

This site runs on  That’s a super easy and free platform that you can use to publish content online.  And you can set it up in minutes.  Just follow this step by step guide to get started right now.

Setup your new site!

1. Click here (I’ll open this in a new window for you)
2. Type in your email address (an email from will be sent your way shortly)
3. Use the username given to you by wordpress or type in a new one (this is what you’ll use to login with to update your site)
4. Type a password
5. Type in what you want your URL to be (so, in my case, I chose ssbits; that means my URL will be
6. Click Create Blog
7. Check your email, you’re looking for an email with a subject line of Activate from (whatever your URL is)
8. Click the big blue Active Blog button
9. Now, in your browser, type in (just replace ssbits with whatever your URL is)
10. Login using the username and password you created above

Publish your first post!

Ok, so now you’re in!  Let’s publish your first post.  We’ll worry about all the other stuff in just a bit.

1. Click on Posts on the left hand side menu
2. Click the Add New button on the top of that page
3. Give it a title and type in something in the big body section
4. Click Publish

You’ve done it.  That’s it.  Seriously.  It’s that easy.

Now, keep reading and do some other things while you’re on a roll.

Do some other stuff


I know that sounds really scifi, but don’t worry.  Go to and setup what’s called your gravatar.  It’s a pretty widely accepted image of your digital self.  In fact, when you publish posts or respond to other others on sites that recognize your gravatar, this picture will be used.  It can be pretty handy to set it up now.


Remember we said we’d get to this shortly.  Well here we are.  Your site doesn’t have to look as plain and boring as mine.  In fact, this is where you’ll have some fun.  In the navigation bar on the left hand side, go to Appearance -> Themes.  I happen to be using a free theme named Comet by frostpress, but you can scroll through and use any theme you want.  Some are free and some cost money.  You pick what works best for you.  Just find what you’re looking for and click the Activate button.  It’ll guide you through getting it up and running, but you’re nearly there once you click on Activate.


So this is one I get quite often.  How do I let people subscribe to my posts?  The answer is pretty easy and like everything else, there’s several ways to accomplish the same thing.  Here’s what I did for this particular site.  I let wordpress do the work.  In the navigation bar on the left hand side, go to Appearance -> Widgets.  In the Available Widgets section look for something like Follow Blog.  Using your mouse, drag it over to the right hand side and drop it in the Primary Sidebar section.  Enter in some details and play around with it.  You’re all set.

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