Do It Yourself – Create a Web Site

Create your own blog or web site today!

That sounds like an infomercial doesn’t it?  Aren’t there tons of ways to create a website?  Yes, there are.  The myriad of options are staggering and that often causes paralysis.  People often have something to say, have a product to sell or want a website for some other grand purpose.  However, they don’t know how to get started in creating a website.  You can certainly just pay someone to do it for you or if you’d like to learn a little on the way, you can try to do it yourself.  For the latter, I created this page to try to take some of the confusion out of creating a site.


wordpress-logo-32-blueA site like the one you’re reading now.  It’s a WordPress blog.  It can publish posts/pages and get subscribers.  It’s relatively flexible.  It’s free.  I’m interested, show me more


nothingbutnetworthlogominiA site like or  It uses a WordPress blog.  It can publish posts/pages, get subscribers, use a database, send email and more.  It is extremely flexible.  It is not free, but close to it starting at $4.95 per month.  I’m interested, show me more


sittersat.comA site like  It’s not a blog, but could be.  It’s extremely flexible.  It uses a database.  It can email.  It integrates with an iPhone AppStore app.  In other words, it has a lot of custom functionality.  It’s not free, but also close to it starting at $4 per month.

Sites like these @Heroku.  Now this is an awesome platform, but you will need to know what you’re doing (like using Git).  Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Java, Python, etc

Sites like this and this @Google AppSpot.  Same thing here, need to know what you’re doing, but an awesome platform for Python, Java, Jinja, Django, etc

I hope this helps you out!

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