Make Money From Your Blog

A lot of you bloggers out there have the same question. How can you make money from your blog? I get that question quite a bit. In fact, I just answered it the other day.

When I find myself answering the same question multiple times, I eventually get the bright idea to formally post about it. Kind of like this post about making it easy for people to find your blog. That post was wildly successful because it really helped people out. That made me so happy! Unfortunately, I can tell a lot of bloggers are still plagued by a poor Gravatar profile – if this is you, go update it! You won’t believe how many people don’t visit your blog (or other websites) simply because your Gravatar profile is incomplete. :>

Ok, so back to making money. Ad revenue is what most people are familiar with, but everyone I know that makes a ton of money online earns most of it from affiliate programs. If you don’t know what affiliate programs are, I’d encourage you to check it out. But since most people are familiar with the ad revenue concept, have a look at the link below. I briefly mention a couple of things to think about in regards to advertising on your blogs and what offers you.

Here’s the link to the post on my other website (in case you haven’t subscribed yet and therefore didn’t get the post) –

Make Money From Your Blog

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