It Is Wear Whatchalike On Daddy Weekend

This is proof there is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to leaving the kiddos with me on daddy weekend…sort of a follow up to my 2 reasons it’s good to be a guy post.

I told the kids that they can go upstairs, pick out whatever they want to wear and it’s all good.

The ensemble

He picked out black athletic pants, a black skeleton shirt and a dark grey skeleton hoodie.

She picked out some colorful cool socks, jeans and a rocking unicorn shirt. She loves unicorns and will probably start a unicorn non-profit foundation at some point in her life with the sole purpose of proving unicorns are real.

Not bad at all if I don’t say so myself.


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  1. Love !

  2. audrey

     /  11/10/2013

    Scott you are truly an “awesome dad!” I would have picked the skeleton shirt and just make a unicorn headband. Tell Kate I am in support of the unicorns!

  3. what a great thing to allow!


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