Stimulating Challenge Of The Day

Go out to Google’s home page and play the Google Doodle.

See if you can land it in the water.

If you can, enjoy a Kit Kat or something rewarding for a job well done. You’re probably exhausted, it’s hard work on the finger.


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  1. I landed on a penguin. Does that count for something?

    • Holy cow, Jeff, or holy penguins I guess I should say. Yes, that counts way more than water. I didn’t know that was possible, but appreciate the tip…gotta go play now.

  2. Um. Feigning interest in google doodle is exhausting, but I could go for a kit kat lol 🙂

    • A guy I know spent about 20 minutes trying to land on a penguin…then he realized he had just wasted 20 minutes of his life.

      • I won’t judge. I waste at least an hour a day of my life on playing candy crush, then waiting for my lives to regenerate so I can play some more. Sigh…..

  3. This is amazing… shame I missed my chance to play. Needto be on the ball next time


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