Killer Boots Man

I know that doesn’t really make sense for a post title, but not really sure what to say.

I guess all I can say is I won’t be mad (see text I received from my wife today).

It’s just electronics after all, but it does impact my Netflix in a negative way.


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  1. You handled it surprisingly well!

    • Hahaha…well, I think it all has to do with your advance heads up so that I didn’t come home and be like “what in the world happened”

  2. Dear me that’s sad…and funny at the same time (in an evil kind of way). I love netflix too.

    • Hahahaha, yeah, totally understand. And on Netflix, I have this thing where I get into something for a while and then I don’t use it for 6 months…then I’m back onto something else.

  3. Well damn you can’t get mad then lol. The wife told them you wouldn’t be so now you can’t 🙂 I would’ve at least not responded to the text so they are waiting in terror for you to get home. Make em sweat a little lol

    • I know, hahaha! And trust me that thought crossed my mind!!! It’s definitely busted too, I turned it on last night and pieces of monster glass (I think that’s what it’s called) fell out everywhere.


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