You Better Recognize

Yeah, not proud to admit it, but I wrote about that particular phrase not too long ago.

If you read the post, you recall that blue Saturn sedan I referenced…the maniac driver.

Well, here it is, the blue Saturn, alive and well. I  saw him tailgating and driving aggressively yet again today. It’s crazy. I mean, he’s really lucky someone doesn’t lose it on him. He really ticked some people off today. In some weird way, I’m amazed he can drive so aggressively and get away with it. It’s truly amazing. You should see the look on people’s faces and the hand gestures when he passes them. Very entertaining for me because I don’t sweat it, but I do actually feel bad for the people that get enraged. They don’t realize it’s not personal, he drives like this every time I see him. He’s indifferent to who he ticks off, but unfortunately, most people take it personally (certainly understandable if you’ve been a victim of random aggressive driving).

This photo doesn’t do it justice, but I just couldn’t help taking a snap while stopped at the light.


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