Bees And Honey, Bees And Honey

That’s pretty much the tune…

As some of you know, my wife and kids decided to raise some honey bees. So the formula was something like this:

  1. Get some bees
  2. Tell them you want to be friends (not sure they listen)
  3. Ask them not to sting you
  4. 6 months later, bam, you have some honey

Plus, you don’t rob the hive, they have a ton to go around! So it’s a win win. Love it. Oh yes, I had some of this wonderfully clear and healthy honey in my oatmeal this morning, it was amazing!!

More to follow, my wife is going to post up some pictures somewhere accompanied by a story on how it all came to be…perhaps here, so I’ll be sure to send out a link or whatever when it’s time. Exciting!


The first drop of honey getting filtered

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  1. Kids and bees? You have a brave lot there! My girls would run.All though they can eat some honey. Good luck

    • I know, I am so proud of them! I didn’t do a thing…this was all them, amazing! I am so impressed…thanks my friend!!

  2. Christine Norris

     /  09/13/2013

    Awesome! I didn’t know y’all were “growing” you own honey!!!

    • I know Christine, it’s crazy!! And it was all her and the kids, I didn’t do any of it. But I get to reap the rewards!!

  3. Gwen Stephens

     /  09/13/2013


  4. Can’t wait to try some!


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