Are These Good Or Bad For You?

Someone at work had a box and I got to thinking…

I guess I’d have to say “good for you.” After all, there’s a nice lady on the front of the box.


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  1. christy

     /  08/30/2013

    Oh I hate to say “gross”, but GROSS!

  2. My father has one every single day after lunch. And he’s 83 years old, still independent and active. They’ve got to be good for you.

    • Oh man, see, look at that, that proves it. I suppose he could be the exception to the rule! Well, I hope you get those genes!!

  3. I loved these as a kid. They’re still good. I swear the Little Debbie people just filled a room with stoners and asked them to come up with the best possible sugar treats when the munchies attack. I think that every time I pass a store end cap full of Little Debbie snacks. (And I do pass by… I don’t purchase them. My metabolism ain’t what is used to be.)
    Are Little Debbies artisan cupcakes or fresh-baked, local-sourced scones? Hell no. But they beat anything Hostess or Drakes ever made.

    • Hahahah, dude, I was busting out laughing reading this response…hahahah, hilarious…I can actually picture you passing by a 7-eleven (if those exist anymore) and thinking that…that was too funny.


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