I Stole Something From Twitter

Yep, I did, but I couldn’t help it!

Does that make it ok?  No, I suppose not, but I can’t imagine the words “follower” and “following” are patented.  Besides, they don’t care about little ol’ me.  They have a billion dollars in the bank and a whole host of good ideas.  Me?  I have a billion minus a billion in the bank and apparently very few original ideas.  So I had to steal one of their concepts.

I just put it on Proppitup.  Now you can see which proppers are following each other.  Thank you Twitter.  Check it out.

Also, a shout out to my bud Jeff, @jeff_1868 who recently logged in!  I’ve heard him referred to as “e-funny” in an endearing way and I agree, that dude cracks me up.

Oh and yes, it is true, I did have chicken tikka masala for lunch one day and have had it another 200 times since.  I have tagged this post appropriately with “indian food” because that only makes sense.


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  1. So do you own this site? What’s it’s main purpose?

    • Hey, btw, glad we connected on Twitter! But yea, I created it, love for you to check it out too if you get a few minutes. Here’s the premise – “Proppitup, a ridiculously easy medium for sharing something simple.” Kind of like a mashup of twitter, fb, pinterest, all in one sort of. You might wonder why I created it, well, the reason I created it is rather strange. Google has released a whole wave of some new fabulous technology and I wanted to try it out. So to try it out, I had to come up with something to actually test it out, chicken and egg kind of thing. In essence, they are unlocking their entire platform and are letting people like me build from scratch and run full blown web sites on their proven Google technology. So basically this web site is completely free and runs on Google’s stuff in sunny California. I have Google power for free!!! If it goes well, I’m hoping to be able to show others how to do it as well. It’s nice to be able to create a web site that does something functional and not have to worry about hosting fees, downtime, maintenance etc…


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