Penciled In Eyebrows

Brooha, are you still considering upside down triangles like I suggested?

I am still cracking up.  And I just have to go ahead and call you out publicly on your deeply troubling contemplation.

penciledeyebrowsUpdated on 7/27 to reflect the stache Christy is referencing.  Very nice.  Thank you, we are all much better off having seen this.

stellar addition from my sister Christy

stellar addition from my sister Christy

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  1. christy

     /  07/27/2013

    WELL, this is very interesting, Br’a (Brooha abbreviated), because I just happened to be examining the still-unopened mustache purchase I made last year. Brooding over the many, many attractive, fashion-forward ways I could wear this hairy couture and then reading your blog entry reminded me of another quest I’d regrettably forgotten: to stencil my eyebrows. I’m ready, but needed to revisit the proposed shape, since, not just any pattern will do ! It must be a shape that represents freedom- the American spirit. It should highlight my eye for largely-unkown to the Northern Hemisphere fashion trends. It should also showcase my leadership skills (I can manage all the brow tools like a senior project manager). What shape meets these lofty ideals? Upside down triangles wins out every time.

    • Freeeeeeeeeeeeddddddddddoooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmm!!! The only person that can wear a stache like the one you sent me is Chuck Norris. I’ll post that here in a sec.

  2. hahahah :))))))))


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