This Is Not A Christmas Tree

If this was someone trying to haul home their finest cut Christmas tree, that’d be one thing.

Unfortunately, it’s not December and that’s not a Christmas tree.

I really don’t know what to say other than “that sucks.” I know that’s not very intellectual of me, but sometimes that’s just what it is, sucks. I came out of my bootcamp class last night and had juuuuuuuust barely enough energy left to snap this photo. We had a freak 10 minute rainstorm with some heavy winds that snapped off this side of the tree right onto someone’s minivan.



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  1. This picture kinda reminds me of Clark Griswold in Christmas Vacation…

    • Gotta love that movie…what about that scene where granny was riding on the top in a trash bag in the rain? As awful as that would be if it were real, it’s still hilarious.

      • Oh yes! That’s right! Hadn’t thought about that one in a hot minute. Hilarious…and I needed the laugh!

        • Same here. And you, my friend, are always welcome to laugh, especially if it is at me or at my expense…because if I accomplish nothing significant in this world, at least I’ll have provided some laughs!!! Laughs are always a good thing.

  2. Yea, that wouldn’t be good. Sorry …. Was the tree drinking?

    • Ah yes, it was, I forgot to mention that small detail…I spied it downing some adult drinks just prior to the storm, evidently got a little tipsy and the wind was enough to knock it over.

  3. Maybe the tree didnt fall on the van, but was strategically placed by the owner of the van for camouflage purposes? It’s so hard to stalk people these days if you own a mini van.

    • Hmmmm…very interesting idea, you could be right…you know, that would be a very dunce move, but in 2013 there’s a lot of dunces running around, so you never know. I love this hypothesis!! hahahahaha

  4. Gwen

     /  06/26/2013

    You’re right. That sucks.

    • Oooooooooooooooooh, man, much worse than mine!! Thx for sharing…that one really sucked.

      • That was my exact same reaction.

        If you read my post Pieter and the Giant tree, then you will appreciate my “love” for fallen trees a lot more.


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