Ummmmm, Jam, Good

That’s right…jam and goat cheese, a wonderful combination.

What’s weird is when I hear the word “jam”, all I can think of is that one episode of Friends where Joey showed us that just about anything goes good with jam.

In this case, it just takes a little of Sallie’s Greatest strawberry basil jam and some Trail Ridge goat cheese (we picked up both at the local market this past Saturday).

If you want any of this jam, contact my dear friend Anna Leary, she can give you the deets.


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  1. That looks so good! Yum.

    • I’m telling you what, it’s good…I sound like I should be working in their sales department or something, but just love it!

  2. Funny friends memory and I’m kinda thinking this will be my new favorite snack. Do you recall when Ross was trying to help move a sofa up stairs and kept yelling PIVOT! PIVOT!? I got a kick out of that episode this weekend while trying to move….perfectly. Because nothing goes wrong with moves. Ever.

    • Hahahahah, holy cow, I just about busted a seam laughing…”PIVOT, PIVOT” – that was hilarious!! Man, friends was a good show, we miss it. This may be too much TMI, but I’ll go anyhow. When Val was in the recovery room after giving birth, I brought in all the friends DVDs and we watched all the shows…for both kids!! Good stuff.

      • Not TMI – I love the idea! I get out a season every now and then to laugh – and I’ve been using the word pivot every time someone is about to scratch, dent, break, damage, etc…anything that’s being touched in the move. You can imagine how not annoying that is!

        • Hahaha, that is freaking hilarious…I think I’ll start using it now. Say, when someone is about to take a bite of something and they are holding their fork wrong, I’ll yell PIVOT really loud. Awesome.

  3. I love jam and cheese, such a weird yet rewarding combination. I would recommend some apricot jam on a good mature cheddar – heaven!

  4. Thanks. Now I’m hungry, and I don’t think anything besides goat cheese and jam will do because it looks so darn good in the picture. Since it’s 10:30 at night I’m not likely to go buy any so I’ll probably just think about it all night. If I’m cranky tomorrow due to dreaming-of-goat-cheese-and-jam sleep deprivation, I’m blaming you. Consider yourself warned. 🙂


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