Is It Just Dads That Do Dumb Stuff?

Or do moms do it too?

I stumbled across this photo snap someone took of me and my boy a while back. I was so glad to come across it because I immediately grinned ear to ear remembering how much fun we had together that day.  I hope we both remember this when we’re older.  We went camping and brought the tent bag, but forgot to put the tent inside.  We had the sleeping bags and poles, but no tent!  Great start!  But we shot fireworks (one bottle rocket went astray and almost landed in the grill of my wife’s SUV – fire/explosion hazard), roasted smores, went tubing down a creek nearby and thrashed around on some 4-wheelers and motorcycles.

Then, only today as I reflected on that fun time and this particular picture,  it occurred to me.  Was that really stupid of me to take him on the motorcycle like that?

No helmet, no protective clothing, wearing CROCS of all things.  We repeatedly sped down a slippery gravel trail and almost laid it down once.  I barely fit on the bike and had the suspension all the way to the floor because of my weight.  And for some reason I thought this was smart?  He could have been really hurt, but at the time, that didn’t even occur to me.  I sort of feel like a bad dad right now.  I mean, we had a blast, but in hindsight it doesn’t seem like a very smart idea.  And then to top it off, I did the same thing with my daughter.  Then rinsed and repeated again with them both for good measure.

As a child, I didn’t wear any protective clothing, helmets or whatever, maybe that’s where I get it from.  Maybe we’re over protective these days and that’s why I’m having these thoughts.  Who knows. Anyhow, I think what I’d like to do next is build a tree house with a zip line.  So when you leave the tree house, you simply zip line out.  Then, to exit the zip line, you simply let go and drop down about 10 feet or so onto a trampoline and bounce into something else, preferably something soft like a stack of leaves.  Helmets not allowed because the zip line will be long and fast and you will want to experience the wind in your hair.

Seems easy enough.  Good times.


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  1. Haha, I think it’s mostly dads, but then again, that’s what dads are for ;). Some of my best memories growing up are of things that I did with just my dad; things that my mom would never have approved of had she known what we’d done.

  2. Haa! That’s the beauty of being Daddy. You get to do all the fun stuff, we get to worry. Something tells me that the experience with your son is worth way more than hearing your wife yell at you for being dangerous. It’s called act now, ask for forgiveness later. 🙂 Great read!

    • Hahaha, you must have been there! Seriously, you obviously know the drill because she was definitely getting on me afterwards asking if I was being safe. Of course, at the time I was like “yea, totally” but now in hindsight, hmmm…anyhow, hilarious, glad you posted that comment.

  3. I think dads are a little more prone to this than moms are. But I also think it’s good for moms and dads to balance each other out. Moms (ahem, me) can be overprotective to the point that their child is inhibited in the exploration and discovery areas of his/her life. Dads help their kids have the freedom to overcome fears and be daring. I was a total daredevil as a child. And, of course, as long as mom wasn’t watching no one got hurt. Isn’t that how it works? 🙂

    • Yea, I think you’re right on both counts, like Shannon eluded to…it sure seems like it. But I like your point about as long as mom isn’t watching…very true!

  4. Usually I jump right along side of dad when there’s something stupid to be done, and together we are a force to be reckoned with lol. Your kid will be ok I promise! Mine are still alive 🙂

  5. Gwen

     /  06/20/2013

    I certainly think men (not just dads) have the stupid market cornered, but men make life more fun!

    • Hahaha, it’s men in general, not just dads…I see!! I can’t disagree, but at least then we get your vote for making things more fun, that’s cool, I can live with that!

  6. That is a great picture! Congrats!

  7. Wow, Scott, that was really dumb. I don’t think I can read your blog anymore.

    Just kidding. 🙂 I’m a pretty over-protective mom, but I remember feeling like an idiot when I realized that I not only was the only mom around who didn’t make my kids wear helmets and protective gear while riding their bikes, but it had never even occurred to me that they needed protective gear. No one wore that stuff when I was growing up!

    From the looks of the picture it was a great day! Funny, good times are usually still happy memories even when there ARE mishaps or injuries (if minor enough to be funny later, that is).

    But I have to say, having witnessed a motorcycle wreck on my way to school my senior year of high school, I get a little freaked out when it comes to motorcycles. My husband had a motorcycle when my kids were very young and I could hardly stand it when he took them for a ride around the block, even with helmets. :/

    I’ll stop talking now before my comment is longer than your post. Lol

    • That’s hilarious! Longer than my post!!! :> Well, I think it’s hilarious because I completely identify with it, I know what you mean. Nobody did that when I was a kid. You’re so right too, good times do last forever and it’s usually because there is a mishap of some sort! How crazy is that! And somehow we all surprised. I have witnessed an accident too and it was awful, something I’ll never forget.


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