Can You Tell What’s Funny Here?

I’m thinking only parents can figure this one out.

So here’s how it went down. My dear wife was reading a bedtime story to the kids who wanted to sleep together in the playroom. There was a sentence in it that went something like this:

Mrs. Bitworth said, I will get the money, please tell Jessica to hold the door.

I entered the room just before that sentence was being read by my wife. I plopped down on the bed with everyone and chimed in (translation: interrupted) with something like this:

Wait, did that just say Mrs. Bitworth or Mrs. Buttworth?

And the kids were immediately busting out laughing. The wife not so much, in fact she actually tried to keep reading to pretend that didn’t just happen.

So that’s the challenge for the day, can you determine why in the world kids would bust out laughing at something like that? I know it’s difficult. If you know why they were busting out laughing, well, then you must be a parent. If you figured it out and you’re not a parent, well you might need some kids because you might be more “parenty” then you think. And for the record, for a couple of minutes there, I felt like a bad parent for encouraging that type of humor.

Good night moon, good night mouse, good night mush!


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  1. …and I also want to know how come parents are always the butt! of all jokes ? šŸ™‚ I am either “not that funny” (I have a blog post about that somewhere) or I stink or have bedhead- the list goes on, and it makes my daughter laugh way past her bedtime šŸ™‚

  2. if I said that I would be a “stinky butt” and my 3 yr old would not let me forget it.

  3. mamaroddy84

     /  06/17/2013

    My youngest goes into ridiculous giggles when I say ‘Tree Fu Tom’ (from CBeebies)…nothing surprises me with children anymore haha

    • I have no clue what in the world that is, but it doesn’t matter, I still know exactly what you’re talking about…awesome!

  4. Kids or not, I still giggle at the word “butt”. Or any bathroom humor for that matter. Guess I’m still 7 at heart. Great post!

  5. To be honest, my first thought was “someone must have farted for them to have such cheeky grins on their faces!” I still laugh at these sorts of things. I always tell people when my daughter learns to say things, all the wrong ones will be from me. I think we “humor” things to make them seem less appalling. If it’s funny, it ends up being less embarrassing. My 5 month old daughter just started making arm farts last week. She gets so happy when she does them correctly. People need laughter though. Even if people do end up with a weird sense of humor–laughter shouldn’t be discouraged. šŸ™‚

    • You my friend are a breath of fresh air, too funny!! I completely agree, we all just need to laugh more often. I work with a couple of people that just seem to have no ability to be pleasant. It’s like they cannot bring themselves to laugh at anything. It’s a real shame, hard way to live your life. But I definitely subscribe to large doses of laughter, as you apparently do too! Tell your daughter to keep up the good work!! :>


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