The Queen Bee Is Awfully…Queenly

You know, kids have such a cute outlook on life.

I mentioned my wife has recently gotten into bee keeping.  Well, my daughter wanted to show us what the queen bee looked like…so I helped her draw it, but she gave me the specifics and here’s what my daughter thinks the queen bee looks like!

If that’s what a queen bee looks like, I won’t ever worry about being stung by one, ever.  Awesome.  Purely awesome.  Of course, this is as cute as her thinking Unicorns are real.  Maybe they are for all I know, plenty of my fellow readers agreed with her.


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  1. Gwen

     /  06/14/2013


  2. I’m extremely scared of bees , but next time I see one I’ll remember this haha great kid !

  3. 😆 That would definitely take all scare away! Bee keeping–now that’s cool! How’s it working out?

    • Hey Professor! :> Man, it’s going well…we don’t have any honey, but from what I’ve read, you’re supposed to leave it to the bees and not take it…so I guess it’s all good!

      • Cool. How many bees do you have? I’ve heard that hives can get pretty large.

        • I just asked my wife to be sure, we have 3 hives (she just went to see them today)…2 are outside in a garden in a really big garden and each can have something like 80,000 or something like that in a big hive. She said one of them is crazy, swarms everywhere. Gotta make sure they have room to grow and expand or they will bust out and leave you. The last one is inside a garage with clear plexiglass so we can observe (PVC tube goes out the back so they can come in and out as they please). Talk about the Discovery Channel for kids right there!


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