Bloodshot Scott

When I get tired, I do get red eyes, although not bad enough to need a wheelbarrow.

This was mine from probably about 20 years ago (it’s the only one I saved). I wonder if this was foreshadowing as a kid because today, I frequently get the “you look tired” comment.

Was this just a United States phenomenon or did it go elsewhere I wonder?


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  1. christy

     /  03/27/2013

    Hahaha!!! Scott, that is so funny. But, do you think this could be a familial trait? I get the same comments and my eyes are increasingly red at work… sometimes, even my pupils are red.

    • Hahahah, yes, maybe!!!!! That’s actually good to know. Maybe it’s a familial thing after all…and to think after all these years, I should have just asked. Well, good to know. I’m telling you, people think I’m dog tired all the time. I usually am, but I try to get 7 hours of sleep every night if I can!

      • christy

         /  03/27/2013

        I do too! I try for seven…. I only become concerned when my incisors begin to narrow and sharpen, in combination with the red pupils. You should watch out for that trait too!

  2. The Garbage Pail kids were released in some other countries as well. But what I find most interesting about them is that they were created by Pulitzer Prize winner Art Spiegelman. I don’t know if you’ve ever read Maus before, but if you haven’t I would recommend it for sure. From Garbage Pail Kids to a Pulitzer Prize winning graphic novel about the Holocaust. It’s a very interesting career trajectory.

    • Oh wow! Seriously? That’s crazy, no I hadn’t heard of that…you’re right, what a career trajectory. It makes me wonder what led him down that path to create those cards. Oh and good to know it was in some other countries, thanks for that!


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