All Grown Up

My sister sent me her childhood photo that had been automatically aged using some fancy software (~ colleague with Photoshop).

So I was curious and decided to do the same. But instead, I used fancy software on the web to automatically age me to see what I’d look like.

Here’s the original and the aged photo. I can’t put my finger on what is wrong on the aged photo, but something is off and doesn’t seem quite right to me, but anyhow, cheers to you “brooha” thanks for the idea!

me, at a young age (I love that shirt)

me, at a young age (I love that shirt)

later after the software aged me appropriately (something looks off though)

later after the software aged me appropriately (something looks off though)

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  1. My, my. How you’ve changed from that fresh faced little tyke! I’m trying to put my finger on how the aging process went wrong…I’ll keep working on it. Thanks for the laugh!

  2. christy

     /  03/27/2013

    OH Scott, how closely the aged photo resembles you now. Even the short-sleeve, wide-collar dress shirt and vest ensemble! Didn’t you wear that just last week to the big meeting at the office?

  3. Why you’ve hardly aged at all! What’s your secret? Very funny.

  4. Adorable!

  5. haha! Thats awesome! I was so expecting your link to be blog spam for a penis enlargement cream (All grown up?). 🙂

    • Wow, I feel so honored the creators of that hilariously awesome software just commented. I congratulate you on very nice work! Oh and yea, in hindsight I think you’re right…I didn’t even think about how that sounded. Too funny.

  6. HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Thanks for the laugh! I sure needed that!

  7. I like your posts! Very funny, very singular voice. I look forward to having a big ole coke and sitting down and reading more!

    • Ooooh nice, there’s nothing like a good ole coke fizzing on a cup of ice! That sounds good. Oh, same to you and thanks for connecting with me, I love it, Ann, the dog investigator! :>

  1. All Grown Up (Part Two) | about ss

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