It’s A Niche And It’s Not Facebook

Whew, glad to have set the record straight! Seriously though, things are so much easier when you tell people straight up what something is for. Like this below (our users know it’s for parents who do a lot of volume and it’s a very, very, very specialized niche):

What is

It’s a free web site. A free tool. A free utility. A specific niche, something for serious sitters and parents.

What it isn’t?

It’s not a social network. It’s not Facebook. It’s not Twitter. It’s not Care, UrbanSitter or SitterCity. You don’t find “friends” here or random sitters or parents you don’t know. Those are great sites in their own right, but they aren’t SitterSat.


SitterSat is for parents that use sitters a lot. Like several times a week. If you are a parent that doesn’t know any sitters, don’t use SitterSat, it won’t help. It only connects parents and sitters together if they already know each other. But if you are, this site is for you. You post sitting jobs to sitters only in your circle, not blindly to anyone.


Fill up your circle with families you currently sit for. You don’t find random families, parents or guardians you don’t know that are looking around on the web for a sitter. Instead, you connect with and work with those that you already work with. You don’t post jobs. You accept or decline jobs from jobs posted by parents directly to you.

What is your circle?

Whether you are a parent or a sitter you circle is the key to everything SitterSat. Once you’ve filled up your circle with sitters and families you know, you can use SitterSat (and this app) for speed and simplicity.

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  1. This is awesome! My daughter is 14 and we were talking about the best way for her to get babysitting jobs. I’ll take a look at this when she gets back home and sign up!

    • Hey cool, yea, feel free, it’s totally free and always will be. Just keep in mind it’s not a place where random people can find your daughter or vice versa. It’s designed for working with people you already know. The reason it’s not so “open” if you will is for security. Having everything super safe was the first priority. So she’d fill up her circle with families she knows that are on sittersat (if a mom she wants to connect with isn’t on sittersat, she can invite her to it, you know the drill).

      • Oh okay. I’m glad you clarified that. Sitter Sat first. Great idea though for safety 🙂

        • Great! Yea, it’s an easy to use tool for moms who say want to send out a job to 2 or more sitters, but don’t want to send individual text messages, emails, make phone calls, that sort of stuff. They just want to send out one job, wait for a sitter or two to accept and then confirm whichever sitter they want to take the job. It’s also easier on the flip side for sitters because they can do all this electronically which seems to be the trend nowadays. :>

  2. This is a fabulous idea. While I’m sure I can’t use for Mr. Bear, I will pass along to friends with kids!

    • Hey, that’s true, that might be weird (but way funny!). But yea, totally free and totally safe, that’s the idea. Best for high volume parents and sitters, not the once every six months kind of thing. I mean it would work, but best for its utility…that is, helping people who use multiple sitters a lot.


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