Alcatraz Was Spooky

While I was reflecting on the flying jellyfish of San Francisco, it reminded me of the visit to Alcatraz.  It was pretty spooky listening to the audio tour and thinking about what it must have been like to be a resident.

My littlest one seemed to love the entire experience and was totally engrossed in the tour which kind of concerned me.  Just to be on the safe side, we had to make him understand that this is not a cool place.


out front in Alcatraz

And while we were at it, it just so happens the Blue Angels were putting on a show.  It was impressive.  Never seen this before.

blue angels

yep, those planes are upside down (click to zoom in)

blue angels

blue angels

the bay

shot of the gorgeous bay

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  1. I’ve always wanted to tour Alcatraz – I bet it was so spooky!

    • Yes, you should, it’s pretty awesome…sad, mysterious, bizarre, scary, interesting, fun, all those things mixed into one I suppose.

  2. You want to do the evening tour – now that’s spooky!

  3. I’ve been to SF so many times, but never made the trip to Alcatraz. And I’ve never been to their Chinatown either… Next time I go I’m checking them both out!

    • Oh you definitely should…business I take it? Either way, business or pleasure, hopefully you got to eat good, I loved the fresh food from the markets and all the interesting restaurants.

  4. pugeebunnie

     /  03/20/2013

    Me too, although part of me thinks it would be an eerily emotional experience. I don’t know if I’d like it…

    • Yea, I completely identify with what you said…it’s eerily weird…you aren’t sure if you do/should like it or not.

  5. You should come to Seattle during Seafair – the Blue Angels always do an awesome performance. It’s fun living here and getting to see them practice overhead every day the week before

  6. Gwen

     /  03/20/2013

    I visited Alcatraz years ago, and it’s still memorable.

  7. monhollendrive

     /  03/24/2013

    I LOVE the Blue Angels. They come out to Seattle every year for Seafair, and my family likes to gather at Boeing Field rather than in the city because we just get a better view of the planes. They also buzz the crowd at Boeing Field a few times going in, out, and around, so that’s a unique experience that the people on the Sound, Lake Washington, and Lake Union don’t get.

    • Wow that sounds awesome…you guys probably love that! You know, one of the things that blue me away was the sheer sound of it. It was so loud. Especially as the jets buzzed the city, I was amazed building windows didn’t get blown out.


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