Unicorns Must Be Real

My daughter has been telling me for a good year now that unicorns are her favorite animal and I’ve been dismissing the notion that they even exist.  Shame on me.

Here’s the proof.  Out of the blue, as if someone is trying to tell me something, I just got this photo via email from my very own sister.  She would not lead me astray.  Thanks brooha (that’s secret code in our family)!


Credit to the original author of this unique photo (whoever you are)

So there you have it, they gotta be real.  I don’t even think Hollywood could pull off a stunt like this.

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  1. Clearly you never encountered that large, full-colour coffee-table photo-book dedicated to photos like this in the 80’s. I used to go to Walden Books whenever I got a chance, as a young adolescent, just to peruse the pages . . . and probably in hopes that some kind bookseller would just give it to me.

  2. I agree, unicorns are definitely real! Has your daughter seen Despicable Me?

  3. I can’t believe you even doubted it! How else would mermaids get around when they visit?

  4. This is wonderful news. Thank you for the latest update on the unicorn front!

  5. She is going crazy!

  6. They are real. E.T. is real. Everything our kids say is very real. LOL!

  7. Your sister and daughter are so smart – be sure to always listen to them!

  8. Haha, my mom used to (okay still does) call me brooha… though probably more along the lines of bruja. And usually when I’m non-compliant to her wishes.

  9. Seeing is believing!!! My girls immediately wanted to know whether this unicorn is still alive and can we go visit!! We have ‘bruja’ in our house too… passed on from our life in Colombia as a term of endearment and respect! Definitely owed to your brooha on this one too!!!

    • Oh I love it! So it’s a term of endearment even in Bogota…nice!! Hope you’re still loving yoga, it’s my wife’s addiction.

  10. MJ

     /  03/14/2013

    I might add, if no one else has, the movie The Last Unicorn. One of my childhood favorites. It’s based on a book with the same name. 🙂

    • Uh oh, I’m going to have to check that out! Appreciate the tip. I’d be a hero if I came home with a unicorn movie!

  11. christy

     /  03/15/2013

    Hey brooha!! That’s right, it’s a REAL animal… my coworker proudly, if unknowingly, displays this very picture on his office door most days of the week.

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