Slovakia Tuna Tacos Tasted Like Tears Of 1,000 Flamingos

I am so hoping you can see this picture, just click on it if you need to zoom in!  It’s freaking hilarious, well, we think so at least.  A good laugh that pains your side is always in order!

I will tell you though I am saddened to learn that my wife can’t seem to be away from her Heinz 57 sauce for more than 5.37 hours.  Darn!  What have I done?

And I can tell you I honestly have no idea what single-estate beer is, much less that of what comes from Namibia. madlib

Adult mad libs are so much more fun than kids.  When the kids have us play along, it’s always, ok, tell me a single noun, another single noun, a verb, an adjective, a verb, a non, a plural noun, you know, the same old thing.  And while that’s great, it is definitely tame and all the words are easily digestable.

But in the adult version, like this one from the March issue of Food And Wine, you get to ask things like tell me the name of a medical device.  And that leads to chairs made of reclaimed colostomy bags.

So I share this with you in the hopes you will know how hard we were laughing sitting at the table after my wife filled this in and that you will possibly laugh just as much.  Good times!

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  1. Quite awesome! Mad libs are about the best thing that had ever happened to creative writing!

  2. yes, ad libs are a great ice breaker as well, people cannot help but laugh – thanks for stopping by my blog and for following my adventures, i look forward to reading more of yours, beth

    • Ah, that’s so true about ice breakers. Good call! I should remember that…you can’t help but laugh. Anyhow, thanks for posting, same to you!

  3. Haha, what a scene!

  4. Enticing comical pursuits! The randomness makes it more exciting!

  5. christy

     /  02/18/2013

    As you guys know, I, too, am a mad lib FAN! This is the first adult version I’ve seen too! Funny post….

    • Hahaha, ah yes, I know this to be all too true! Indeed, any readers out there, just know that christy is the ultimate prankster and does in fact love mad libs.

  6. Yaz

     /  02/19/2013

    Why have I not heard of ‘mad lib’ before? This was funny. Thanks for sharing!

    • Ok, you my friend need to give one a try! Get yourself one or two, you’ll appreciate it! If you have to, print mine out, blank out the areas we wrote in with whiteout or something and give it a run with someone you know that is funny. You’ll love it.

  7. Hilarous! Thanks for the giggle!

  8. I use Mad LIbs in my classroom to reinforce parts of speech. However, I must say – I think the adult ones are FAR more interesting!

    • Oh my gosh, that’s such a good idea! Well done, excellent idea. Of course, you’re right, you can’t use the adult ones! :>

  9. THAT…is really funny!

    • I love it when someone shares my sense of humor! Thanks for dropping from the Loup (I love the whole Wolf story) by the way.

  10. Thank you for stopping by Clicks & Corks and liking my snow monkey image: much appreciated.
    I have enjoyed checking your blog out and I have had a good time reading your posts 🙂
    Take care

  11. I love how kids choose potty words and grownups choose sexual ones. Thanks for following my blog!

  12. I love getting them for my kids at tge airport


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