Now That’s A Cookie

It’s not an unidentified flying object, although the tin sheet kind of makes me want to throw it off a tall building to see if it’ll fly.  No, this is a cookie.

That's not a cookie.  This is a cookie!

That’s not a cookie. This is a cookie!

Ok, these are cookies too, I’ll give you that, but they are nothing compared to their big sister above.

These are cookies sure, but not like the one above!

These are cookies sure, but not like the one above!

Now, the real kicker here?  All of these are really healthy cookies.  I know, I know, no cookie is healthy.  But if there were such a thing, these would be it.  I believe my wife said she got the whole wheat cookie cake recipe from our dear friends at 100daysofrealfood.

So to Lisa, Jason and the rest of the crew, thank you!

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  1. You are making me hungry!

  2. Wow, that is epic. I may need to give this recipe a try.

  3. Don’t you love 100DaysofRealFood and all they stand for? I could get lost for hours on their sight. My kids, however, are crying the blues over no more crackers from Trader Joe’s (or anywhere!). Thanks for showing my blog some love. I went to high school in N.Augusta, so it’s fun to see you’re living in SC! It holds a special place in my heart. Happy Weekend and happy cookie eating….

    • Yea, absolutely. We were friends with them long before the days of 100days and it’s great to see how far they’ve come. They are incredibly dedicated. We went skiing with them last weekend and they literally live the way they preach. Their kids are super eaters too, all healthy. It’s definitely a lot of work, but they have enough practice that they make it look somewhat easy. Anyhow, great to hear from you and same to you!

      • Awesome to hear all this! It sure does take a lot of time to do all of this, but with a lot of planning/organization, I think anyone can pull it off. Glad you got to go skiing!

  4. Hi Scott, thanks for stopping by my blog! It’s led me to yours which, by the looks of this gigantic cookie, is a good thing 🙂 I think that in an effort to impress my teenage son, I may have to try making this!

  5. Any cookie bigger than my face is a true winner in my book!

  6. Looks so yummy! Thank you for the lovely visit.

  7. A cookie monster’s dream!

  8. My husband’s chocolate chip cookie dream! I’ll have to make a huge one for him someday, just to see his reaction. Thank you for stopping by my blog a few days ago! 🙂

  9. Chocolate chip cookies make the world a better place.

  10. Scott,
    Thank you for following my blog and many thanks to your lovely wife for sharing the healthy, chocolate-chip cookie recipe : )

  11. That top cookie would nicely accompany the quadruple bypass burger I posted about recently. Thank you for visiting that post, by the way. I appreciate it.

    On second thought, if that cookie is made with whole wheat, it’s probably too healthy for the Heart Attack Grill. 😉

  12. Madame Rashid

     /  02/21/2013

    Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog corner. By the looks of things, you are a much better cook than my Mr. Rashid! I can actually see your cookies very clearly and they look yummy. I’m a little scared to encourage my man to step into the kitchen anymore. If he attempted to make any, his cookies might jump up and start walking!

    • Hey right back at you, love the Madame Rashid story by the way! Yea, my wife is totally scared when I step into the kitchen. But I will have to say, mine would have started walking too because I failed to mention I didn’t actually cook these, she did, I was simply an admirer! :> So I’m with Mr. Rashid after all!

  13. Christine

     /  03/13/2013

    Thanks for stopping by & liking !
    I love the 100dayofrealfood blog & can’t wait to try out this recipe. Yum!

  14. It looks delicious!


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