I’ll Take A Bonus Scoop

Our dog Nea normally gets 3 scoops of food when she’s fed.  Not 2.  Not 4.  Just 3.  And that seems to be just about right.  Or so we’re told from the vet.

scott sappenfield

However, at her last appointment, we were slightly stunned to find out she’d cruised in around 70 pounds.  We thought, ok, she’s just grown rapidly, but she’s a healthy medium-sized dog.  That still may be the case, but perhaps it’s explained by another phenomenon we found out about recently.

My son casually informed us that he’s been providing our family dog, Nea, with an extra “bonus scoop” when he feeds her.  Stellar idea!!  Why not?  I mean, I’m sure Nea loves it!!  She’s not going to complain!!  I bet in his eyes, she appears to be starving because she eats everything she’s given.  She’s just hungry and we’ve been starving her!

That’s just more proof of the special relationship my son and our dog have together.  They’re attached at the hip.  They really do love each other.

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  1. Classic!

  2. It is usually me that is guilty of over feeding our dogs – so normally DH does it… It does make the dogs happy when I feed them though 🙂

  3. Love her!


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