Easy Street Is Not So Easy

Anyone that has learned to ski or snowboard will probably tell you that there’s no such thing as Easy Street.  Well, there is and it’s located at Sugar Mountain in Banner Elk, North Carolina.  Check out the Easy Street trail map.

Those that have run it will tell you that it is not so easy, particularly if you have only done it twice in your entire life.  Case in point, my wife.  She entered this past weekend unscathed, yoga balanced and in perfect form.  You can clearly see that in this photo, check it out.

valerie sappenfield snowboarding

Although she doesn’t like this photo, I happen to love it.  She’s about to carve right through the middle of some fallen snowboarders to show them how it’s done.

In thinking about it, our objective when we started the weekend was simple, to teach our two kids how to snowboard by leading by example.  I can proudly say mission accomplished!  Our two kids now have the bug and can’t stop talking about it.  And none of this would have been possible without my wife’s commitment.  However, it took some doing.  In fact, she exited the weekend as any true warrior might.  A jammed thumb, multiple bruises and difficult walking.

But that’s one of the things I love about her.  She sacrifices herself for her kids on a regular basis!

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  1. Aww, that was sweet. Makes my thumb and tailbone feel a little better!

  2. Such a sweet story and she should love this photo, hang it on a wall with pride! It’s like she’s knocked everyone down with her powers as she glides on by, I’m sure it wasn’t quite as smooth running as that but great job!

  3. awe so sweet of her..but I think good mum is like that and she is obviously a lovely wife too..nice post..thanks for sharing


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