All Around The World, Say Hello

It’s amazing to me that my web site, the self-proclaimed “plainest looking personal site” in existence, has been viewed in all kinds of interesting places around the world.  In fact, here’s the map.

What does your map look like?

all around the world

If you look closely at the map, you’ll see the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea highlighted.  Hello from South Carolina to you 20 readers over there!  It made me wonder, why are there 3 readers in Iceland, but nobody from Greenland.  Can you tell me why that is?  :>  The red area just means that’s where the majority of people have come from.  My next largest visitor is India which hasn’t quite crested into the 4 digits yet.

Say hello and I’ll say it back

Anyhow, I doubt this post will have enough unique content and draw to attract a lot of attention, but if you do happen to stumble across this, I’d love it if you can let me know where in the world you are.  It’d be neat to hear from you if happen upon this post at some point.

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  1. Nice. I think that it is because Greenland is so sparsely populated or because they consider it part of Denmark.

  2. Hi. From Ukraine.

  3. He he, My map looks nearly exactly like yours! And what does that tell us? That some countries have restrictions concerning the Internet! That the right to free speech has been curbed and that the goverment are afraid of what the people might do once they discover the truth. And – that there are countries where broadband and networks has not been built in tha same manner as in the rest of the world. For instance in Greenland where there aren’t just enough people to make this viable. By the way,- you might get Danish flags with no effects on Greenland whatsoever!

    • Terrific, interesting to see your map is nearly the same. Very interesting, thanks for sharing! Appreciate the tip on the Danish flags Seenorway.

  4. Flying the flag for the UK over here! 😛

  5. Hi there. By the way, I’ve had hits from Greenland! Yay! But that’s because my blog is actually all about going there…An Aussie saying hi from Denmark

    • Ha, nice! That is hilarious and very good to know. I appreciate you stopping by, hopefully others will stumble upon your comment. Also, nice pics on your site!

  6. Hi there from the UK!

  7. Hi from Richmond, VA!
    My map shows (other than North America) Croatia, Singapore, Germany, and the United Arab Emirates. I’m so curious as to how or why *grin*


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