That Is An Old Man

Yep, that is an old man, a really old man!

old manIf you had to guess, how old would you say this gentleman is?  Click here to leave a reply with your answer.  If you said near 100, you’d be close.  Well, ok, not that close, I’ll tell you, he’s only 6.  I know you’re stunned, it’s very difficult to tell.  I think the old walking stick makes it hard to tell so don’t feel bad if you thought he was really old.  You probably didn’t even notice the fake funny face glasses did you?  I know, they blend in, you can hardly tell they are fake.

Anyhow, while we’re on the topic of a really old man, this is a funny story.  The big man (that’s what I call him) was around 3 and was sitting at a dinner table with some family members.  Sadly, I had to get this third hand because I was back helping gma with her computer problem (it wasn’t plugged in and hence, wasn’t turned on).  During that time, this went down.

Just picture yourself here and I’m sure you can either identify with this completely or think of a time when a child of your own (or perhaps yourself) did something or said something hilarious.

Oh and one other small, but super important, detail.  At the far end of the table was grandpa in-law.  I’m terrible with genealogy, but I think that’s right.  He was not a nice man to say the least.  Bless his soul, he’s no longer with us so I feel bad even talking about it, slightly, but he was just not a nice individual.  He was always tearing down various family members, myself included.  The reason I say this is if you can empathize even slightly with it, then it’s all the more funny.

The big man (pointing to gpa):  “Mommy, that’s an old man.”

– You know, he’s 3, he didn’t mean any harm.  Anyone else would think that’s hilarious because it’s true.  Unfortunately, we know gpa-in-law and he’s not the kind to take to this very well.

Gpa:  Says nothing, but raises his head because he heard it.

Mommy (’tis confusion):  “What?”

The big man (pointing to gpa and a little louder this time):  “I said, that’s an old man.”

Mommy (quietly):  “Oh ok, ok, now now, let’s be quiet.”

Sam (a bit louder again):  “But mommy, that IS a really old man.”

You know, he’s just stating a fact.  From his perspective, what’s he done wrong?  Why is mommy shusshing me and not acknowledging my correct observation?!!!

Gpa (grumpily, speaking directly to the big man):  “That’s enough.  Eat your vegetables.”

Anyhow, because he was such a grumpy gus, everyone began laughing under their breath about the whole situation.  I wish I could have been there.  How hilarious.  I just wish I could convey it in words.  I realize my words don’t do it justice.

If after reading this, you will come to one of two conclusions.  I’m super lame and a bad writer or you thought it was pretty cute.  Regardless, I would love to hear any funny ones from you!

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  1. Let’s not call him “grandpa-in-law”, let’s go with “wife’s grandmother’s grumpy 2nd husband”!


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