The Ultimate Challenge

That’s what we call things at our house.  “The Ultimate Challenge” refers to anything I make up for them that’s a challenge.  It could be anything so long as it’s somewhat difficult for them.  Well, in this case, I’m so proud of my little climbers.  This obstacle course was 4 stories high and they were dying to do it.  It was definitely the ultimate challenge.  So we took the measurements this morning and sure enough, they both qualified.

The measurements

Obstacle course requirement – 48″ minimum height

Him – 47.5″ tall.  48″ tall with shoes and a hat.  He finally grew tall enough, just tall enough in fact!

Her – 52″ tall.

The obstacle course

Ok so this thing looked harmless, but I admit I was a bit nervous climbing up.  But the kids?  No way.  If they were nervous, it didn’t show.

We showed up right at 10 minutes before it opened.  So we were the first ones on there.  See the toadstools up on the 4th level.  You walk across those without falling!  That’s tougher to do than it looks from the ground.  He was the first one up on the 4th level.  She was the first one to do the most difficult route.  A skinny tightrope walk up on the 3rd level.  Then we turned it up a notch.  We weren’t allowed to run, but we chased her and had to corner her first.  That took a while.  Then we chased him and had to corner him.

Tons of fun and proud of my fearless climbers!

Scott Sappenfield climbers

The kiddos climbing sky high!

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  1. Those are definitely your brave little monkeys!

  2. Sheila Woodward

     /  01/22/2013

    So cool! Not sure that I would want to do it. Kids have no fear. Unfortunately, we grow up and then it is all over. LOL

    • Sheila, that is so true, very sad, but so true. I was just saying “how are kids not afraid of anything?” It’s amazing really. We don’t have a real good answer other than we kind of decided it’s because they don’t know what can go wrong. :>

  3. That think looks so scary. Good for all of you – job well done!

    • I think I was more scared than both of them! Kids are fearless it seems…we lose that along the way for some reason I guess.


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