Remembering Costa Rica

The cows of Costa Rica

I’m a local. You’re a visitor here. You better recognize.

Rio Celeste

Rio Celeste, yep, water really is that blue. Unfortunately, local guides wouldn’t let us swim, something about a sink hole near the entrance of the fall. A swimmer got sucked in and died a couple of weeks prior.

Rio Celeste

Rio Celeste with Alejandro, despite his demeanor, he actually was a happy man

Val and Chantal riding horseback

Val and Chantal riding horseback

Thomas the horse

Thomas the horse was crazy, he’d take off spontaneously and try to throw me off

Monkeys of Costa Rica

The monkeys of Costa Rica would get super loud at night

No power, nuf said

No power, nuf said. Yep, this is our hut. Fun animals waiting for us on the inside every day, like a frog that really liked our bathroom.

Val braving the rapids

Val braving the rapids, so proud of her, she has no fear

Val climbs

Val climbs. I’m sad I only got to climb once, it was lots of fun.

Val climbs

I got to pull the under hang above our heads – fun!

Random cliff

Random cliff


Our french friends Emanuelle and Chantal that were so awesome and we hung out with the whole time! They spoke about 6 languages between them both, they were great translators!

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