Is There a Doctor in the House?

scott sappenfield

Sam used his pen to draw on himself

In our house, not professionally, but I think our little guy could be well on his way.  It makes me think I should have gone to medical school after all.  Anyhow…

I’m just not sure what the teacher is going to think this morning when Sam walks in and has pen marks all over his upper body.  Although, if there are any teachers out there reading this, I have to assume they’ve seen stranger.

Root cause analysis – why not!  Let’s play the ol’ Why, Why, Why game.

First of all, let’s define what went astray:  Sam comes downstairs nonchalant this morning.  He’s clearly got something on his upper body, it’s poking through his shirt (see photo below, click to zoom in, it’s a little fuzzy, but you get the idea).  It’s pen markings.  Lifting up his shirt shows that he’s taken a pen and drawn a representation of his internal body on himself.  I’m actually quite impressed.  I saw the pen he used and it’s not a soft tip felt pen or anything, it’s one of those fine tip, pointy, sharp pens.  Sheesh.  I hope he was gentle.  Now, onto the Whys.

  • Why (did he do this):  Because he’s a boy.
  • Why:  Because boys do crazy things.
  • Why:  Because boys think crazy things are funny.
  • Why:  Because funny things get laughs in our house.
  • Why:  Because the mommy is a jokester, she was just born that way.
  • Why:  Because mommy thought it would be funny to lave a pen in his room.
  • Why:  Because Sam wanted to make mommy laugh.

Root cause: So I think it’s pretty obvious.  The root cause is kind of a compound, mommy is a jokester and leaving a pen in the bedroom of a 6 year old could spell trouble.

And don’t ask where Willy’s Bait & Tackle is…I have no idea where he got that shirt.

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  1. Ha, you know I am not the jokester and I definitely don’t think it’s funny that he has a pen in his bed somewhere! (My favorite part of the drawing was the X over each nipple. What was that about?)

  2. Cute – but as they say – ‘Boys will be boys’ LOL Also, thanks for visiting and liking my recent post ‘Word a Week Challenge entry – Clouds’. I would have thanked you elsewhere but I found no place in your blog to do so. Anyways, thanks again – your support is appreciated.

  3. Hilarious! I’m thinking from the look on his face that he wasn’t gentle with the sharp pen. Poor thing. But otherwise, HILARIOUS… Two of my five kids are boys; they are now ages twenty-six and almost sixteen. I often wish I’d started writing/blogging years ago, because they gave me sooooo much material.
    Thanks for following my (very new) blog, mainly because that’s how I found yours and you’re very funny!

    • Oh I could tell Rhonda as soon as I saw your site! Please tell me, do they grow out of this or not? :> And I’m so glad you got a good laugh out of this!! You obviously get it…

  4. Well let’s just say they…evolve. This is good, because after all, drawing X’s on your nipples at age twenty-six is more disturbing than funny. They don’t, however, outgrow the things you listed. But you should know that; you’re a grown up boy.
    Ok, so what could you tell? That my blog is brand new? Is it THAT bad? haha, just kidding…I hope…

    • Ah yes, you’re right, I suppose I did “evolve”…slightly perhaps! :> I like that term. Oh and yea, the first thing that jumped out at me on your site was this “Mother of Seven (including two sons-in-law).” So to your point about wishing you had started that particular blog years ago, I knew immediately what you meant. You’d for sure had a ton of material to write about with boys. But that’s ok, you can still post about how men are really no different!


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