Super Multitasker

It’s official (although I already knew it)!  My wife @valsappen is an incredible multitasker who loves Costa Rica and not afraid of the spiderman.

I came home from work and my legs were hurting.  I had worked out hard the day before so maybe that was the culprit.  Whatever it was, it was enough for me to call it a day and sit out the nightly routine on the couch.  Here’s what she accomplished while I let the ibuprofen kick in:Valerie rock climbing in Costa Rica!

– Made everyone dinner from scratch

– Did a huge batch of laundry, which seems to never end

– Cleaned kids, read them a book and tucked them in

– Held a Skype video conference call around 8:45p.m.

– Worked on some other stuff that she didn’t want to work on, but needed to (our finances and other stuff)

So cheers to you my wonderful wife, I’m very lucky indeed and don’t take you for granted!  And since it’s in writing, you are free to dig this up now and then.

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  1. st sahm

     /  02/18/2013

    Sweet tribute!

  2. thats cute 🙂

  3. Andera

     /  03/16/2013

    It means that she’s Super-mom-wife-woman. Btw, great blog, great posts, keep it up!

    • Hey Andra! Thank you so much and right back at ya…all the way in Romania! Good luck finishing up your studies. Oh and I completely agree, yep, that pretty much sums it up! :>


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